Thursday, 17 January 2013

Photos: Ghanaian Actor John Dumelo’s Expensive Fleet Of Cars Revealed.

Handsome Ghanaian Actor John Dumelo is a very fulfilled man. According to Peacefmonline John Dumelo is the Ghanaian Actor with the most number of cars in recent times. All cars are registered in the name of the actor. John was known to own a huge American Tundra 2009 edition but over a short period of time. He presently owns a classic 1998 XJ8 vintage Jaguar and a customized Cadillac Escalade 2011 edition.The newest is a brand new C300 Mercedes Benz 2012 model which is what he is cruising in town presently. John uses his various cars at different places and for different purposes, he presently loves to drive his new Mercedes to public functions and very important places. 
I have always had a crush on this Guy ever since i watched his movie The Forbidden Fruit. BB"eyelashes face".  

Customized Cadillac Escalade                                             C300 Mercedes Benz 2012 model 
American Tundra 2009 edition Pick-up                                            1998 XJ8 vintage Jaguar

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