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SLB FASHION: Outfit ideas for Valentine's Day. MEN & Women

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I hate it when i go out for Lunch/Dinner ate with my friends and see Men dressing like Boys and and the Trousers are down i.e (Saging)Don’t let the girls put you to shame this Valentine’s Day, Dress decently and dress maturely.  Admit it or no, you both want to show off your date today so guys show us some love.
And get that lady eyes on you all the while.

Youthful look-

 It’s relieving to see that youngsters care about their personal style and image in society. If you have a girlfriend or you don’t; if you are going out with the groupies or taking her out on a date, this look is a carefully thought out casual cool look. Without a doubt, it is converse to the feet and for a carry on, go for a messenger bag that gives a relaxed feel to the entire look. And look smart.

Jacket,T-shirt,Jeans,Shoes, Bag, Belt.

A step closer to maturity, though always one step below the lady (just kidding), the dating period will stand the tests of time and is often considered the most important stage before marriage. We will encourage you to dress Smart and Maturely and also dress Confidently. Courtship is a stage between puppy love and conjugal love and so you need to look strong in character yet fun in your ways. This look has a mix of both with a formal black blazer and black belt over a casual graphic tee, simple blue denims and black plimsolls.

Jacket,  T-shirt,  Jeans,Shoes-,Belt.

Just Married-
Now you’re in for business; stuck in the grind and to make it a successful story for both, it will take that much of an extra effort. So don’t hit the TV switch but plan a surprise or take her to dinner. Dinner means private time alone and that means time for healthy conversation and women love to talk. However, one right tick is not enough. Aim for a showdown with a standing ovation and a showering of bouquets with extra attention to your look this night. Dress your best in a crisp formal shirt and trousers; throw on a suit jacket, a much-needed belt and leather lace-ups and spice it up with that lovely Cuff-links. Now you want to look the man-in-command so finish off with a watch, combed-back style and some aftershave. What proceeds after dinner will tell you if you got it right!

Blazer,Shirt-, Chinos,Shoes,Shirt,Watch.

Sleek-lady Blog

Nerve-breaking speculations about who is going to get asked out on 14th February and if he’ll pop the question or if it’ll just be another boring day, is something that rushes to the surface as we draw closer to valentine’s day. Must look good albeit all those brain-racking doubts. The beauty of this day is that you are never too old for it. We have created three great looks, for three different age groups according to the different stages in their love life, which will keep your valentine intrigued.

Youthful look

 Just thinking of 14th February gives you a fluttery feeling in your tummy; makes your heart skip a beat every time you check your phone for any mash-notes from that special someone. Try so hard to keep Your makeup minimal cause this colors are Loud.Dress well to captivate your Man heart.
Top, Print pant, Neck-pieceShoes, Blazer, Bangles, Tummy belt

Gown, Chandellier ear-ring,Shoes,  Clutch Purse, Bangles

  This stage, I believe, in all my years of inexperience is the one where you want to look your best; where you dress to impress giving out billboard-style signals of a promising future. I’m thinking the LBD Sinatra of a black peplum dress, paired with baby pink court shoes with double ankle straps and a girly touch with a lace clutch enhanced with sequins. Keep your add-ons to the minimum of maybe a single piece of jewellery and finish off with soft curls, dramatic eyes and a slight dabbing of gloss to your lips.
Dress, Accessory, Clucth, Shoes.

Just Married-

Top, Print Gown,Shoes,  Clutch purse, Handbag, Bangles, Tummy belt

Whoever said marriage kills the romance; in fact the element of surprise always reignites the love. Moreover newlyweds always seem overly excited in this rosy phase of their life and perpetually seek opportunities to show it. Be the mod-wife in this style Inspiration, and don't feel cheated by the youths, an. You can even go minimal on the jewellery and makeup as it is truly a jaw-dropping look.

You’ve been waiting for this day and excitement is just an understatement. It’s your day to feel special and no one’s going to stop you so put your best foot forward and dress to impress Him.
Enjoy your Valentine and thank me later.

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