Saturday, 24 August 2013

#BBA Exclusive: Beverly Osu will Win, Denrele Edun confesses

It’s no longer news that Nigeria’s representative on Big Brother’s ‘The Chase’ Beverly Osu, had sex with South African housemate Angelo Collins.
Nigerians on social media Twitter certainly haven’t hidden how they feel about Beverly. On-Air personality Denrele Edun was instrumental in getting model Beverly to the Big Brother House and as such also came under attack from ‘angry’ Twitter users. 
 Here's My Little Interview with Denrele Edun in respect to the On-going Big Brother Africa. For those that have been Cursing Him for Beverly Waywardness, Here's his answer to them.
Biko, I may not be a good Interviewer/ Writer but I have gotten the Basic information I wanted from Denrele in Respect to Beverly Osu waywardness.
More after the Cut:

SLB: How are you?
Denrele: Am Fine
SLB: I do see tweets from your followers cursing you for Beverly Osu Waywardness in #BBA and you always retweet it what are your reasons?
Denrele: I do that cause everyone is entitled to His/Her opinion. I don't really know why people keep abusing/Blaming me for her Behavior in the House. In as much as I support Beverly, She's an Adult and knows what is good for her.

SLB: Where you in support of Beverly Osu's sexual activities with Evicted south Africa Angelo in the house?
Denrele: Beverly is an adult and she knows what's good and right for Her.

SLB: Do you think Beverly will win this Year BBA?
Denrele: I so much believe and have faith that she will win.
Abi you no want her to Win?

SLB: #Laughing out Loud# I am in full support of Melvin.

Well you have heard from the horses mouth, Beverly osu has got Denrele support. I hope she wins.
Whom do you want to be the winner?


  1. Win fire. Who dash her winner. Abegi next news