Monday, 19 August 2013

Frank Edoho's second marriage in trouble?

TV presenter, Frank Edoho's second marriage has been experiencing some turbulence recently. according to my reliable source, The MTN 'who wants to be a millionaire' host is not happy with his second wife, Sandra and guess why? she is too extravagant!

According to my source,Sandra buys expensive jewellery a lot, goes on vacations abroad and constantly pushes frank to fix and refix their Victoria Garden City home. Apart from all these, Sandra who is a london returnee is said to have a lot of her family members who feed from frank's pockets.

She allegedly caused frank to acquire a brand new range rover evogue which was not really needed since frank already had a rover sport.she is said to be keen on making frank look expensive and plush always.

All these (plus that of sustaining the upkeep of children with ex wife, Katherine) were eating deep into Edoho's income, which he is totally not happy with.
He took steps to curtail the expenditure to the displeasure of Sandra and this caused a lot of friction between them. I pray they get back together soon.


  1. You can't eat your cake and have it.

  2. Its good for him, he had a Queen, he shuffled his cards, beat and abused her. Demonstrated all forms of Domestic Violence on her. Now he has ended up wif a Joker. LOL! I wish em luck tho, hope he's learned his lessons the hard way.

  3. Good for men like u.