Tuesday, 27 August 2013

How I almost Fell in Love with a Married Man- SLB Editor

Hello Lovelies, Hope you slept well? Lemme share this experience with you, and please be candid with your advice and opinions.

There was this Young man  that walked into office. I was too busy to notice Him cos I was rushing to go out for a Meeting. He came to see my General Manager but met his absence.
The receptionist directed him to Me to attend to him. When he came to my Desk, I noticed his cute face and  he wasn't putting on A ring. #Am always mindful of that#. He told me his purpose of Visit and I attended well to him, Beaming with smiles  performing well with the hope that I have met him"In quote".

We later exchanged complimentary cards and We got talking. But I was reluctant cos I love playin hard to get#Lol#. After about two months of the chasing and phone calls, I had to succumb to the pressure cos my Colleague advised me to give him a chance of Sitting out with him.
 More after the cut:

One Sunday after service we fixed a date for a Dinner  and he came right  on time( at 5pm prompt) & I noticed was time conscious, I just beamed with smile cos I felt I have Met my Missing Rib friend. We got to a scheduled Venue, we placed our order for Food, we got talking, he told me his likes, Dis-likes et al. I told him mine. He had the perfect Job and profession even though there's nothing like that. We sat down for over two hours laughing and Cracking joke.

Then I don't know what came over me, the Question came out of my mouth, I asked Him how many kids do you have, He replied 3 boys. His reply Killed me, I dropped dead in the other world. I couldn't believe my ears, my Mr Perfect, my cute guy and to even think he's married with not only a kid, but 3 Kids #Jeezzz#.

 I was like#Issoright#, I gave him a fake smile, I told him to tell me more about his family. The cat was let out of the bag that He is Married With Kids and his Family are in the Western part of Nigeria that He came to the South cos of His Job, He was transferred down here & I was pissed. I lost my appetite for food, and the skewered chicken tasted like Poison, not that I have tasted poison before #LMAO#, twas just my feeling that moment. He further Denied that he isn't Married oh, that he was just pulling my Legs. I asked him to show me his Picture on his Black Berry phone. And he apologized to me saying He is married but just needed a companion in This Location. I asked him what bout his Ring, he just shrugged , smiled & not answering me. To cut the long story short, That was the end of My Meeting with Mr Perfect, though he insisted on giving me a ride back home.

He came back to my office after a week to see me, but I was out. He met with my Colleague and asked My colleague if I can Cook,  and If I was in a serious Relationship blah, blah, blah, and what he can do to make me His Girlfriend. My colleague just replied Him that She's Homely, but can't speak about my Relationship but He can still give it a try. (My colleague not Knowing He's a married a man).
Now my question is Why do Married Men step out without their Rings, confusing Single ladies.
Please my message to married men, biko try and wear a Ring even if na Aboki Ring, cos it will save us (Single ladies) the embarassment and future problem. Thank you



  1. Mi dear tank God u did not fall for the wrong man. Don't worry mr right is at ur door step.

  2. Nawoa,wonder shall neva end

  3. Lol@ Aboki ring!!!!!#badt guy#