Thursday, 31 October 2013

{+18 Photos}: Nude Photos Of Madonna At 18 Surfaces Online


This  pictures shows the star, now 55, at the tender age of 18 kneeling on a fur rug  with just a pair of cowboy boots  showing off her nudity.

More photos below

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Fresh faced: The star shows off a natural beauty and relatively made up face Strike a pose: The teenager certainly had plenty of poses up her sleeve even at that age Not shy: Madonna proves that even from a young age she was happy to strip off Different side: While some shots see her looking mean and moody others show a lighter side
Sitting pretty: Madonna takes a perch on a piece of wood wearing a sun hat and nothing else That's a novel look: Madonna appears completely nude in new shots of her which have emerged from a photoshoot at the age of 18
Revealing: The singer's fondness for skimpy attire was already well pronounced Natural colouring: Madonna's Italian-American good looks are obvious in the set of pictures, later she would develop a fondness for her signature bottle blonde

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