Saturday, 8 March 2014

Mbong Jeta Opens Up About Crashed Marriage

Mbong Amata, ex wife of  Nollywood director, Jeta Amata was recently in Nigeria for a movie shoot.  

The actress in an interview with Vanguard opened about her crashed marriage that produced a five-year old beautiful daughter. Except below:
You said, you were once married to a film maker: Yes, once married to a film maker. But not any more.

What really happened: Am I really going to say that?  Life happened.
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Were you ever worried by negative stories that trailed the crash of your marriage: Never. I tried my best. I might not look strong but I’m very, very strong.  If you are in show business or any business that put you out there, you have to build a solid, great wall of China around you.  My wall is very tall. I only hear about it, but I’m not moved one bit.   So, I have a huge wall around my person.

You are  still bearing Jeta Amata’s  name: Yes, does it change anything? It doesn’t.

How you would describe your ex-husband: Jeta is a great man, fantastic dad but life has to move on.

If you have the opportunity to star in his film, would you do so: Why not? He was my friend before he became my husband. We had  a great relationship. We are connected for life. We have a child together.  If  I see him, as often as I could,  it  doesn’t change anything.

But you are not feeling the same way you felt when you met him: That’s relative!

And you are not in a fresh relationship: I’m not in a fresh relationship.

Won’t you give marriage another chance: I don’t really know, but I don’t want to say never. It is the future, I prefer to live in the now and see how that goes. But for now, it is about me doing more films, charity and raising my child. So, that is my priority.

At a time, you were only featuring in Jeta’s movies. Was there any difference between then and now: I did work with a lot of producers and directors at a time. But I featured more in Jeta’s movies. Secondly, I think he was a fantastic director. He understands his onions. He knew my weak points and he also knew where he would touch to get the best out of me as an actor. There are a little difference here and there. But it’s great that I’m beginning to get the opportunity to work with more producers and directors than I did in the past.

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