Friday, 22 February 2013

If A Married Man Is The One That Will Make You Happy, Please Go For It- Lola Alao

Yoruba Nollywood  actress Lola Alao talks about ladies marrying married men. She obviously doesn't see anything wrong with their choice in partner. In her defense, she said since the single guys are not ready then the next available option which happens to be the married men should be taken.
"Let me explain something to you; where are the single guys? They are there and not ready to marry. If the single guys are not ready then the next available option should be taken. I believe one should go for whatever makes one happy. If a married man is the one that will make you happy, please go for it. I know married women would be angry with me but it is the truth of the matter says" Lola Alao
Do you agree with the statement made by Lola above?

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  1. yeah and dat is the happiness part of it, is true you go for wat makes you happy but certainly not some ones husband and dont also forget that any married man was once a single guy before he got married. i think there are some single guys out there dat can make his woman happy. All i can say to the ladies is just play your part well and you will be happy in your marriage or relationship.