Monday, 23 September 2013

SLB Fashion Diva of the Week: Yvonne Anyanwu Basil Hiett

Meet Yvonne Anyanwu Basil Hiett, A Sexy Nurse with a good Fashion and style sense.  She's a friendly, attractive and Charming Lady.  Enjoy the interview blow:

Tell us liTtle about you: I'm Yvonne Anyanwu Basil Hiett. I am half Nigerian (Igbo), half Cameroonian and married to a Texan boy.
I just graduated with my masters of science in nursing to become a pediatric nurse practitioner. I have humanitarian aspirations to work with children but also have a passion for fashion/shopping.

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What is fashion to you?
Fashion is a statement we make by how we dress, fashion is expressive.

Who's your Favorite Fashion Icon?
I have several. But one is my mother. I love her sense of fashion and style because she loves to dress up and you'll never see her without a lot of jewelry. She believes you can never be overdressed.

What do you love about fashion?
I love that fashion gives you a means of expressing yourself without saying anything. It can be an expression of how we feel.

Can you spend your last money to look good?
I can but only if I've already had to eat, drink, and know that it's not needed by anyone else.

What's Your fashion embarrassing Moment:
I once wore a pair of trousers out and after spending most of the time out, a friend pulled out a sticker from the trousers which had my size on it. I had not seen it because it was in the back. I just wondered who else had seen it.

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  1. Really gorgous!!!

  2. She's adorable and has good fashion style.. Why do you kEep featuring outsiders sleek-lady

  3. Nice .
    How do I get featured here

  4. I love her fashion sense. Nice one.

  5. Awww thank you so much for the feature! Love it!!