Wednesday, 13 November 2013

SLB Fashion Diva: Wofai Ewa

 Meet Wofai Ewa, an amiable Young Model full of passion for Fashion. Lover of Shades, Shorts and prints. Full of smiles and fun to Chat with.  Enjoy the interview below:

Let Us Meet You: Am Wofai Ewa. a student of University of Calabar
 Click below for more pics:
What is fashion to you?
Fashion gives me joy! Cos when I dress well, I feel good.

What do you love about fashion? What I love about is that people appreciate Your dressing, especially if it's unique
 Can you spend your last money to look good?Yea, I can spend my last cash to look good
What's Your fashion embarrassing Moment: The day my heel broke on the road, I was embarrassed. (Low Giggles)
Who's your Favorite Fashion Icon? Solange Knowles

What do you think? Hot or Not?

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  1. Wow. She's pretty. Love her combo.

  2. Bright colors. Nice

  3. I love her ankara prints

  4. Nice Niceeee Niceeeeer. TD

  5. Some pple dey fine oh. Pls give us her handle.

  6. Wats fine about her. If you se her physically ul know Ђδω far.she ​J৆̥ ªv£party dress sense dats all

  7. My wofai sleek babyyyy la hot nah mona be this ohh u too like fashion and really ur looking hot

  8. Cool. Her African print short is nice

  9. Awww my wofken,one day you will make me proud.sleek is an understatement for you.I only have one word sentence for ur sense of dressing ;PERFECT.Like they say,fashion is what u buy,style is what u do with it.Keep it coming love. CHAKLO

  10. Anonymous 22:54 is correct if you see her physically you will know, nice dresses doesn't cover bad attitudes

  11. Nice out fit ..nice combo ,,,Bad face .. Honestly she looks ugly !!!!

  12. Looks like beverly osu.

  13. So Comely...