Thursday, 16 May 2013

Sex Toys versus Real Sex

Adult sex toys are plentiful—they are manufactured in different sizes, shapes, colors, functionalities, and textures. They are available for men, women. Sex toys come in different types: Vibrators, dildos, dongs, strap-on and clitoral stimulators for women; the men also have theirs.

But my question today is How efficient are they? Were Sex toys designed to replace real sex? Are they more satisfying than the usual DICK sex, and which one yields better results?
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  1. I feel sex toys were invented to complement real sex but its quite astonishing that ladies prefer to use their vibrators even when a man is sleeping right next to her. Abegiii, Real Sex sure pass; joo oooor

    1. 4me, its d sex toys.. Cos dat one won't fail me, it won't bring unwanted pregnancy, and it won't infect me..

  2. I prefer d real sex.