Saturday, 31 August 2013

SLB Fashion Diva of the Week: Nicole Parker

Meet  Nicole Parker, A style and Fashion Blogger,  An addict to animal Prints and always adorned in sunglasses.

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Tell Us a little about YourselfMy name is Nikki Parker  I'm from Raleigh in North Carolina.  My hobbies are ever changing, I like to try new things ALL the time.
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What are your Hobbies: At the moment my favorite hobbies are yoga, sewing, playing video games (Call of Duty and dance central to be exact) and eating (I’m a fatty). #Lol#

Favorite Fashion Item:  My favorite fashion item is anything leopard, my collection is out of this world.

Fashion Item You Can't do without: If it has to be one thing it would definitely be heels, they make me feel sexy.


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