Monday, 5 August 2013

SLB Fashion Diva of the Week: Venessia Randle

Meet Venessia Randle, A style and Fashion Blogger. She's hot even with her Size. She's an Inspiration to all the Thick ladies out there that you can be fashionable even with your type of body size. Enjoy the Interview below:

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Tell Us a little about Yourself:Tell Us a little about Yourself:Tell Us a Lil About You: My name is Venessia Randle and I work in Healthcare Administration by day and by night I'm a plus size fashion blogger. I have always been a creative individual and I express myself through playing music, writing poetry, and fashion. Since most people see the Fashion first before they ever get to know me I try to make sure my clothes tell you who I am from first glance.

More Photos after the cut:

 What are our Hobbies: They include reading, Shopping and Dancing

What's the Fashion item you can't do without:
I can't do without a pencil skirt. They are so versatile, classic and sexy. I feel that this style skirt is the best for displaying my curves in a classy way.

Who's your Fashion Icon:
My favorite Fashion Icon is my Mother. She is always impeccable regardless of where she is going and whether she has an "event" to dress up for or not. I love some celebrities but none made a impact on my style like my Mother.

Can you spend your Last Money to Look Good? I will never spend my last money to look good. I love fashion but I honestly think it's silly to go broke for fashion. I live within my means and buy things that are affordable for my budget that enable me to save more than I spend.

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  1. Wow. Shes hot n fashionable

  2. Shes really an inspirstion to plus size women

  3. She's cool... I love..

  4. She's bold and fashionable. Nice

  5. Thanks so much for the feature!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

    1. My pleasure Ma'am. Thanks for Being our Diva

  6. Love Style4Curves! Her style is amazing and I love how she represents all women with her no holds bar style!

  7. i think love her